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Bubble Game Level 2

Congratulations! You beat level one of the best bubble shooter out there, and you are on your way to bubble game master! Keep trying your hand at these bubble levels as they get harder and more challenging! This bubble game level has three bubble colors to match, just like in level one, but there are more bubble bombs and more bubble rocks.

This level is a good level to start learning more about banking bubble shots off the side walls. You will need to use basic angles to guess where the bubbles are going to land, but once you get the hang of this technique, it will surely become a great strategy in your later bubble game levels.

This level also features a more difficult shape of bubble game board. The blank space on the right and left sides help you to start practicing those banking shots. Keep popping those bubble gems! It keeps the bunny bubble shooter happy!

Bubble Shooter Strategy

  • Bubbles come in three colors - pink, yellow, and blue!
  • This Bubble Game gets harder as the levels increase
  • Use the bubble shooter to bank shots off the right and left sides

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