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Bubble Game 6

A new bubble gem has arrived making this sixth level even harder than those before it! 24/7 Bubble is now introducing the purple gem bubble, upping your bubble count to 5 colors!

This bubble game board is a different style, as the bubbles are now hanging in columns like icicles. Make sure you aim your bubble shooter carefully to get the bubbles in their right bubble spot on the bubble game board! Don't have anywhere to put that bubble? Place it under another bubble you are sure to match soon. Hint: Make sure to look at the bubbles beside the bubbleshooter that are coming up next to determine this!

24/7 Bubble Gem Strategy

  • If you don't have a group of colored bubbles for your bubble shooter, place the bubble under other bubbles you are sure to clear quickly.
  • A different style of bubble game board requires a different strategy

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